Books of the Bible Sunday School Lessons for Children Set

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These  lessons from the series, "The Books of the Bible-The Old & New Testament" for children were written by Mrs. Erma McKinney secretary of Dr. Jack Hyles for over 36 years. These lessons are great in teaching children a synopsis of every book of the Old & New Testament There are also corresponding adult's lessons. Included is the  "Through the Bible Coloring Book.".

THE COLORING BOOK IS AVAILABLE in Spanish or English and also Japanese, Russian, Haitian Creole, Romanian, Belarus, Nepal, Polish, Croatian, Korean, Portuguese, Hiligaynong llongo Philippines, Kiswahili, and French!

A Digital Bible Coloring Book for each book of the Bible. (66 coloring pages along with memory verse.)  This PDF coloring book is available for download, and you may make as many copies as you need for your ministry or children for the low price of only $5.00. 

Great gifts for children and grandchildren.  Sunday School or Vacation Bible School.  Great for use in Christian Schools!